Care of the Soul in Medicine

Understanding the body in illness requires addressing emotional issues, and Medicine is therefore challenged to respond to the ways emotions are experienced and expressed in illness, suffering, healing and loss. If Medicine has compassionate regard for the humanity of those it serves, it is faced with questions about how it understands and interprets emotional life and what resources it should make available and how these are organized, and the ways in which the psycho-spiritual shapes and informs the purpose and practice of Medicine. 

These questions are the basis on which I had started my personal journey through healing 12 years ago. Not that I consciously had a question in my head or heart; but now looking back, I was definitely on a quest for healing. What is healing and how does one heal? I finally have a satisfactory answer and I have made it my life mission to expand this answer and share it. The secret to all healing is to attend to both the Body and Mind as a unit, not to split them up. As you take that medication, supplement, herb, homeopathic remedy, infusion; injection; acupuncture, surgery; whatever modality you are using on the body, it’s very important that the clinician attends at the same time to the Psycho spiritual content of that body!

Here is my personal story and journey to healing and this why I have joined along with other Visionary doctors all over the country to usher in a new paradigm in medicine that addresses the need to heal the mind- body, not just the body.

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