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My journey started 13 years ago after a divorce. Before then I would describe my health as almost invincible. I was healthy and strong like an Ox! I really felt it too. I grew up in West Africa, where having Malaria was the same as having a cold. In fact there, you hardly heard people say they had a cold, but they would always talk about the how often they had Malaria. It was that common and no one really paid it much mind, until you found yourself in hospital. Most self-treated malaria just the way most people self-treat a Cold. Throughout most of my childhood and up to the time I left and emigrated to US, I hardly had malaria.  I would be in class with other kids in the middle of chickenpox outbreak or measles, but I would never have those! My brothers and cousins who lived in the house with me would have one infectious disease or another, but I would be the one who stood standing. Really, my immune system was super strong and my parents would always refer to me as the strong one. I have say I had a happy and hearty disposition as a child. I made friends easily and was very physically active.

“I soon could not attend to my work because I struggled to get out of bed and had no energy…"

I started medical school at age 16, even though medical school was tough; my personality was not the type to be easily stressed, In fact you could describe me as a tard laid back, but I did well in school and if anyone had worries, they soon laid that to rest with my good grades.  Life was generally positive for me and seemed to cooperate with me up until marriage.

During marriage, I also had to finish up my post graduate medical training in Residency, fellowship and master’s program; have and raise three children; relocate several times. This recipe even in a healthy marriage still calls for the highest degrees of stress. However, when my experience of marriage was negative, this already stressful period became a living hell for me!  I started having Migraines; that would proceed to daily migraines and then I soon could not attend to my work because I struggled to get out of bed and had no energy for anything. But despite this, I still pushed on, because I had to survive and take care of my family. By the time I mustered the courage to leave the marriage for sake of my sanity, I clearly recall my brother visiting me and having to carry me like a rag doll to a doctors clinic. I thought I was dying, I felt like walking dead ( at least that’s how my mind described it), but I was amazed when the testing’s  and results showed that everything was normal except for high C-Reative protein ( an Inflammatory marker). I could not believe this! All the lab would show for my situation was high C RP! It did not make sense, for the degree of my debility; I really thought I was nursing a cancer or something sinister! I disagreed with the lab results; we ran it again, the same thing!

This was the start of my doubt about my medicine. I felt such a dissonance with how I felt (walking dead) and  the medical care and lab reports that were done. I still insisted, so I had CT scans, MRI, the whole nine yards of testing, still nothing showed up.  I thought , really sincerely thought I was losing it here. How was it not possible that nothing was showing up? Do I have to die, in other for it to make sense or the labs and scans to become positive? I felt very off! Soon after and quite suddenly, I discovered my blood pressure was off the charts, so that meant taking hypertensives. I soon stopped seeing any medical doctor because they behaved as though you were bananas even though I was a medical doctor myself. I also made up my mind not to go down without fighting. I had previously enjoyed good health, I knew what it was to be strong, happy and healthy and to be at ease in my body; I knew it too well, so I was not willing to accept this state of Dis-ease. I refused the label chronic fatigue or its sister, Fibromyalgia; even though my symptom complex was in that range or category. I never referred to  myself with any of those labels because I knew that most doctors , including myself, saw them as not true illnesses but rather as a psychological state (so true, though!) . We would often refer to patients with these Labels as Psycho’s. But we know better now, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia syndromes are the true epitome of psychosomatic illness or mind body illness. It’s just that physicians have not been trained to appropriately diagnose them and treat. And of course treatment for psychological state these days are of giving of one mood pill or the other, rather than carefully addressing the issues in the heart and mind of the patient. Of side note here: could you imagine if one of the doctors I had seen , would have asked me about my life and then I could have told them that I was very unhappy, sad and struggling in my marriage and I felt very stressed. But that never came up. My life and the content of my life never once came up. What they wanted to know was what symptom brought me to the office: Migraines and fatigue!

“Could you imagine if one of the doctors I had seen , would have asked me about my life?”

Soon after, I had a new accountant who saw and observed my Physical pains and suffering, while consulting him. He introduced me to Homeopathy. Up till then, I was totally unaware and oblivious to other modalities of healing. All I knew was Western Traditional medicine and if I had come across other healing methods, in my usual medical doctor arrogance, I did not even try to notice or pay attention. So You can guess that I was at the point where suffering had broken me down to being Open!

So I started my journey into alternative and complementary medicine. I would read and study them, apply them on myself. I would get a bit of relief, but soon after I would return to where I was originally. No permanent cure and most required that you keep taking medication or maintain the therapy for a very long time , in one form or another. I was grateful, that there are so many ways to heal and there is a form of healing for every king of ailment or disease. I tried them all:  acupuncture, herb, homeopathy, I V Nutrient therapy; high dose supplements, energy healing; a year or veganism; reduced my weight; reduced stress, I really tried. I became more spiritual and mindful, I practiced yoga and tried everything that came my way, even though my soul thrived, but body felt like a dead weight.

Up till last year, I had nearly given up hope, until a friend of mine told me about Healing with Oxygen (Ozone therapy). At this time I had become cynical about so called alternative healing modalities, at this point, my body would not even tolerate supplement therapy and I had developed a multitude of food and environmental allergies and sensitivities.  I told my friend this. After she left, I recalled a dream I had a few weeks before, I had not understood, because in the dream, a method of healing was shown me in a pictorial fashion; the best I could describe it was something to do with cellular washing. So I, immediately went to read up on the Ozone Therapy and found that the way it worked was a form of cellular washing and renewal by engaging the cellular oxidation cycle which is distorted  by aging, degeneration and disease. Ozone is an O3 and is very unstable and on contact with tissue will dissolve into Oxygen( O2) / O and donate that O2 to the cells and give O2 to a cell that is flunking, and therefore resuscitating it. O2 is that key to Energy production at the cellular level. In all diseases at the cellular level, there is dysfunction of energy production, because the path was to get O2 into the cells are blocked or inadequate.  So learning this, I became hopeful, So I signed up and had up to 15 treatments of IV infusion of Ozone ( Auto- hemotherapy) and after that slowly , gradually, but surely I started having my energy back. By the third month after treatment I was able to function from sun up to sun down without the use a medication or multitude of supplements I usually had used to stitch my life physical life together.

“By the third month after treatment I was able to function from sun up to sun down without the use a medication.”

Soon after that, I met with some friends of mine and we started a meditation group at my house. They reintroduce me to EFT (emotional freedom technique). I felt inspired to get into it. EFT looks simple on the surface, but it is a very powerful mind medicine. When I stared using EFT, many emotions I had suppressed and repressed came up and most had to do with my marriage (you would think I would know It!) came up. My Mind had done a good job of hiding what was in plain sight - until I was ready. I was ready, soon after like miracle all the issues resolved in body, without taking anyone more drug or medication!

That was my lesson: It had all started with all the anger and bitterness in my mind and ended with the resolution of these emotions. However, notice that the body also needs to be attended to. Because when you are always tired and in pain, it can be difficult to have the frame of mind to attend to the mind issues, or to see objectively. My body had to be calmed first with Ozone therapy, it was after some resolution in the body, that I  had the energy to desire to be with other likeminded people and confront emotional issues buried in my mind.

What I bring in Renewed Medical Center Is the experiential distillation of Wisdom on healing the mind and body. Healing and preventing disease requires a combination of physical, spiritual, and emotional approaches. There are a variety of mind-body approaches that can help you process your emotions and develop inner peace and physical wellness. Here at Renewed we have developed a system that effectively affect cure at the cellular level, which is the source of all diseases in the body; while concurrently we help you attend and sort out the mind aspect that underpins all illnesses and disease.


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”-  French philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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