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If the pain and limited mobility from a degenerative disease are reducing your quality of life, customized intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy can help. Dezzy Udezue MD, MPH and her specialized team at Renewed Medical Center in Millsboro, Delaware, offer IV nutrition therapy to reduce your pain and boost your overall health. These holistic practitioners create a custom IV treatment plan to revive your metabolism and use your body’s natural healing response to help you recover from the inside out. To learn more, schedule a consultation online or call the office directly.

IV Nutrient Therapy Q & A

Why do I need IV Nutrient Therapy? 

Renewed Medical Center uses IV Nutrient therapy as a holistic, natural approach to treating mental health issues like: 


Autoimmune Disease 


Bowel Disease 

Cardiovascular Disease 


Chronic fatigue 

Chronic pain/Fibromyalgia 


Infections: Virus, Bacterial, Mold; fungi, Hepatitis 

Lyme disease 


Mental/ Emotional Disorders 

Thyroid Disorder 

Stress-related diseases 

Substance abuse 

Weight problems 


What are the benefits of IV nutrient therapy?

IV nutrient therapy gives your body the essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients needed to improve your metabolism and ensure your body is absorbing what it needs to remain healthy.

Your practitioner creates an IV nutrient therapy plan, along with ozone therapy, to address the specific nutrients your body is missing. Among the reasons for recommending IV nutrient therapy are:

  • Resolving pain
  • Fighting infection
  • Reducing allergies
  • Eliminating chronic fatigue
  • Reversing the impact of stress
  • Treating degenerative diseases
  • Detoxifying your body

IV nutrient therapy is also effective in preventing diseases, such as heart attacks, cancer, stroke, and hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis). When IV nutrient therapy is combined with ozone therapy, it can be a powerful detoxification regimen.

The team at Renewed Medical Center may recommend IV nutrient therapy as an innovative treatment for directly addressing nutritional deficiencies. IV nutrient therapy is also beneficial as part of your stem cell therapy to keep your body healthy and increase the effectiveness of stem cell injections.

How often do I need IV nutrient therapy?

It just depends on your specific condition and how well you respond to your treatments. In general, it’s common to need weekly IV nutrient therapy treatments for at least 3-5 weeks to achieve optimal results.

Then Dr. Dezzy may taper down your sessions when you reach more of a maintenance phase. Once you start feeling better, you might need IV nutrient therapy visits only once or twice a month, or as needed to boost your health and energy levels.

What happens during an IV nutrient therapy session?

Plan to be in the office at Renewed Medical Center for about 30-60 minutes for each IV nutrient therapy session. After your practitioner places your IV line — usually in the inside bend of your elbow or hand — you simply get to lie back and relax.

Feel free to bring your tablet or your favorite book to keep you occupied during your IV nutrient therapy session. Of course, you’re certainly welcome to rest and take a nap, too. You won’t have any downtime after your appointment, so you can resume all regular activities afterward.

To find out more about IV nutrient therapy offered at Renewed Medical Center, schedule a consultation online or call the office today.

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